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25 Reasons Your School Should Have a Newspaper

1. A student newspaper improves communication between all groups in a school.

2. It can give both students and faculty knowledge and understanding of school issues not otherwise available.

3. It can do the same for parents who happen to read copies taken home.

4. It conveys an image of the school to the community.

5. It helps silence rumors that often arise in the absence of information.

6. It can interpret school rules and regulations and provide feedback on student reactions.

7. Provides a check on student government, an essential for any democratic government.

8. It helps maintain order by reporting violations of school rules.

9. It facilitates the educational process through stories on academic subjects and courses.

10. It encourages study by giving recognition to students who make honor rolls or win scholarships.

11. Its forum of editorials, letters and signed columns encourages the resolving of issues by reasoned debate.

12. It provides an outlet for student writing that primarily emphasizes service to readers rather than self-expression.

13. The ethical imperatives that facts be distinguished from opinions helps students understand the meaning and importance of objectivity.

14. Students who do interviews gain experience in dealing with people.

15. Writing for the press gives staff members practice in taking accurate notes and in using reference materials.

16. Reporting experience helps students to recognize the difficulty of finding firm facts in a maze of stats, propaganda and conflicting opinions.

17. Editorial writing provides practice in weighing evidence and reaching conclusions based on sound reasoning and facts.

18. Feature writing gives practice in imaginative treatment of facts to appeal to human interests.

19. Copy editing develops critical ability and a quality of selfless service in improving the work of other staffers.

20. Production of a school newspaper provides valuable experience in teamwork.

21. Experience in meeting deadlines helps form effective work habits.

22. A student staff gains experience in equating freedom with responsibility.

23. Experience on the staff makes students better critics of the public press.

24. Advertisements in the school newspapers enable merchants to reach the student market specifically.

25. Students and staff members can gain practical experience in selling ads and soliciting subscriptions.

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